Thursday, February 27, 2014

Epic Vodka #Review

  Epic Vodka is an amazingly smooth vodka, imported from France & the business, located in Kentucky. They offer 10 yummy varieties to choose from. I was able to try the Peach, Classic and Red Berry and they were all incredible. This is honestly the best vodka I have drank by far. It goes down so smooth, you barely know you're drinking alcohol. And the flavored liquors have just the right amount of flavor that isn't overwhelming at all. Even the Classic vodka is very smooth and easy to drink. I love to find vodka that doesn't burn going down and doesn't taste like rubbing alcohol. They really take pride in their product and you can taste it!

With so many great, tasty flavors to choose from, Epic Vodka is my go to drink now. You can make just about any mixed drink you want and it's fun to experiment with all of the diverse flavors. Anything from fruity to creamy, they have you covered. If you are interested in learning more about this unbelievably great brand, check them out on their official site!

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