Tuesday, February 18, 2014

ZipzCustom Shoes #Review & #Giveaway

I am so excited to be able to own a pair of Zipz shoes! They are so extremely cool! They are a new kind of shoe on the market for kids and adults alike. They are interchangeable, so you never get bored wearing just one style of shoe! When you want to switch up, all you do is zip the top and replace it with a new & cool design. They have slip-ons, high-tops and low-tops and very cool designs to choose from. If your not big into being fancy, they also have solid colors available! I received a totally cool pair in "bandana". They are very fashionable as well as comfortable.

Zipz has teamed up with me on my blog for a giveaway! One winner will receive 1 pair of regular Zipz (no custom, sorry). These shoes will totally change how you feel about your feet and not too mention, your kids will think you are the coolest parent around! If these aren't for you, enter to win a pair for the little ones. I am very happy with the quality and style of Zipz and they are going to be bigger than ever! Enter on the form below for your chance to win a cool pair of Zipz shoes:

 ZipzCustom Official Site:

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