Sunday, March 30, 2014

Mama's Magic Mix #Review


Do you believe in magic? I believe in Mama's Magic Mix. It's a incredibly tasty mix of some of your favorite treats! Mama's Magic mix delivers it's promise of a "snack that's naughty and nice"! My favorite mix so far is Raspberry Swagger Wagon, which contains; Freeze dried raspberries, white chocolate chips, dark chocolate covered espresso beans and roasted almonds! The tasty combination of choices doesn't stop there ether. They have 3 great varieties to choose from and are from 90 to 140 per serving. And with names like Caramel Apple MILF and Banana Split Baby Mama Drama, it makes them even more fun to eat!


They have done an awesome job incorporating flavors and mixed together and it's a snack I would definitely recommend to anyone! I was so glad to have found these, they are so fun & yummy to snack on and I don't feel too extremely guilty.  If you would like to learn more about these delicious & exciting snacks, check out their official page by following the link below:

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Mama's Magic Mix 
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