Monday, March 17, 2014

Party'tizers™ Dippin Chips #Review & #Giveaway!

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In April of 2013, Party'tizers™ Dippin Chips were born! This small local business came out of Fairfield, NJ to take the chip dippin' world by storm! They offer the most amazing flavors around and you don't have to worry about losing your chips in the dip anymore. Dippin' Chips are so crunchy and they were specifically designed for dipping! You can get so creative with these chips and they are absolutely perfect for any get together or event. They were a big hit with my friends and family and I was so happy to share because they are made with healthy, natural ingredients.

They have 5 flavors available and use good, quality ingredients like Kale & Quinoa. My favorite Dippin' Chip pairing is the Three Bean chips and my favorite hummus dip. There are so many ways to eat these yummy, crunchy chips and they have become a favorite in my household. We made stuffed nacho's last weekend and they were the best ever. Pair up some Spinach Artichoke dip with the Veggie chips or like me, enjoy them on their own as well. These blow all of the leading dipping chips out of the water. Look out big corporations, there's a new sheriff of taste in town, Aldo Zuppichini! Don't settle for anything but the best, try Dippin' Chips now. You will be amazed at the difference between quantity and quality.

-Three Bean
-Potato Sea Salt (Also Non-GMO)
-Potato Sour Cream & Onion (Non-GMO)

Dippin' Chips have managed to incorporate incredible healthy ingredients into the best tasting tortilla chip ever. Dippin' Chips are sold at a few national chains right now, such as Publix & Safeway. Also, find them at Costco Wholesale! Dippin' Chips has also been kind enough to work with me for a giveaway! There will be 3 winners and each winner will receive a bag of each of their yummy flavors! Enter below for a chance to win!

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Check out their yummy products on their official page:
Party'tizer's Dippin Chips
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Becca Wilson said...

I am most excited about Three Bean!

Ashley Gill said...

I like the Veggie variety! Yummy!!!!!

Trendy Cyndie said...

I want to try the 3 bean or the veggie. They all look good to me.

Unknown said...

All of them! Yum!

Angie Bailey said...

I definitely would love all of the flavors, especially the Potato Sea Salt.

Unknown said...

Ummmmmmmmmm... I can't pick just one!!! I want to try them all!!

rochelle said...

The three beans

Unknown said...

I want to try the veggie one!

Unknown said...


chantal bell said...

Would love to try the sour cream

Viola Christina said...

I would love to try "Potato Sour Cream & Onion (Non-GMO)" Thank you! :)

Vickie Kulp said...

Gee, do I have to pick only one? LOL OK I will pick Potato Sour Cream & Onion.

Sarah Oswald said...

I would love to try the Three Bean one and than I would love to try the rest!!