Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Ergo Chef #Giveaway! Hosted by: Sassy Mom, 2 Spoiled Bratz!

Sponsored By: Ergo Chef!
You know those straight handled knifes that when chopping with you always bump your knuckles on the cutting board? What about that pain you get in your wrist from using them? Well NO more! Ergo Chef has came out with a great kitchen knife! 
As you can see the handle is different then any other knife I have owned! Instead of the straight handled this one is designed to fit the grip! 
The blade is very sharp and cuts great! With an 18 degree cutting edge for perfect balance! This knife is also very light not bulky and heavy like most I have seen and owned! I am a lefty and I have issues cutting, pilling potatoes etc.. and with the Pro Series 7 inch Santoku Knife everything is just easy! I highly suggest owning this knife!
Ergo Chef also has tongs of all sizes! What I really enjoy is the rubber grip and the easy lock and go feature! I have always owned one tong and it always ended up being to short or to long. Now I do not have that issue because I own three different sizes! They are 9 inches (green) 12 inches (black) and 15 inches (red). 
This is how you lock and unlock the tongs pull up to unlock and down to lock! You can also hook them on your grill or hang them on a hook in the kitchen! Easy as that! 
As you can see a big wide range to grip with also! 
Find them online! 

Now you can win the tongs!

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