Friday, April 11, 2014

Shaylyn & Jocelyn Spurlock #Fundraiser

On April 8th these beautiful angels were staying with a relative. Their mother came home to find the twins were nowhere to be found.
After searching and frantically calling 911, it was later discovered they had made it to a neighbors pool. Tragically, they were not able to be saved. They went to be with God that evening.

I will be donating all of my profits from sales from now until the end of April to the Spurlock family to help cover the financial burden. Please help us, help this family in their tragic time of need.

Thirty-One offers great products, and you will be helping this family out tremendously by purchasing. We have products from $2 to over $100. No purchase is too small.

I will personally be giving their mother the check in May when this fundraiser has closed.

Thank you all for your help!

The fundraiser will continue through April 29th.
Link to shop & donate: My Thirty-One Gifts 

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