Friday, October 18, 2013

FishPeople #Review &#Giveaway Featuring: The Life of a Home Mom!

This past week I got to try out Fishpeople's Prepared Entree Meals. I was sent all four tasty meals, by the way if you are not a fan of fish this is probably not for you. But if you are like me and enjoy fish/seafood this is great and easy to make. During the day I tend to hate making a meal just for myself because it either takes too much time or I have to use more dishes than I should. With these prepared dinner meals I can eat one at dinner and save the other half for the next day, or if I'm really hungry eat it all for lunch but it has a ton of food in it and fills you up really quickly. SalmonChardonnayPackage The Fishpeople's prepared entrees come in four different flavors: Salmon in Chardonnay Dill Cream Sauce Coconut Yellow Curry Tuna Thai Coconut Lemongrass Tuna Chinook Salmon & Sea Shell Pasta in Wild Mushroom Sauce 0101719446 I haven't finished all of these off just yet but so far between the two I have tried I absolutely love the Salmon in Chardonnay sauce, which I drizzled over a quick 5 minute bag of rice. All you do is submerge the pouch in boiling water for 3 minutes. Shake the bag really good and cut the top off and pour over rice/pasta or veggies. You do not have to boil it though, if you'd like it quicker you can microwave it fr 1 minute. There are large chunks of salmon throughout the mixture unlike some prepared meals you find in stores. 01017194119 Another thing I love about this company is that the food is actually from the United States. That's right you are not about to put seafood on your plate that is stored and packed from China like my Tilapia was the other night. I'm so sick of wanting to sit down and cook a meal only to discover that it just came from overseas. Fresh it is not, but Fishpeople meals are giving you fish from right here. The meals are sold in shelf-stable, 7oz. pouches ($5.99) and can be shipped nationwide. These are BPA free packaging and dairy free. By the way there is plenty in it to eat it as a main dish for one or two people. Ready to win a 4 pack for your home? a Rafflecopter giveaway

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