Thursday, October 17, 2013

Happy Dog Box #Review

  If you haven't tried Happy Dog Box, well, your missing out! It's an awesome monthly dog box subscription. You get an array of high quality treats, toys, and Poop bags, it even comes with its own cute dispenser, good for when your walking your pal! This is great way to treat your best friend every month to good, healthy fun! My dog, Ellie, was so excited, it's like watching a kid at Christmas, every month! They have several subscription options to choose from, they even donate a large portion of their proceeds to the San Fransisco SPCA! They love what they do and they love your dog! They find best deals for healthy dog snacks all over the country! I was very impressed with their customer service & cancellation is a breeze!
This is an amazing company to do business with! If you love your pup, like I know you do, check them out! It doesn't cost a dime to gander, so head on over and see if Happy Dog box is right for your furry friend. You'll be glad you did!

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