Thursday, October 17, 2013

Love Cooking Co. #Giveaway @sassymom2bratz! #Enter to #Win!

Love Cooking Company!
Yes, You are not dreaming. There is such a thing called cupcake cone pans! I have never in life seen one until a couple days ago! I did not even know that you can make a cupcake in a cone, did you? Love Cooking Company has made this amazing pan to share with us all! I made some blueberry cupcake cones just last night and boy those were delicious!
As you can see photoed to the left. The cupcake cone pan as a designed top that lets you set 12 cones, without them falling over or breaking! They have holes that are just the right size for the cones! 
There is also a bottom pan the holds the top sheet! 
This is so much better then using the original cupcake pan, from what I have been told! 
I have a video that is posted above here that shows the proper way of using the cupcake cone pan! And be warned this is a fun baking experience! So if you have children they will want to bake everyday after the first time using your pan! I know my daughter Nevaeh (2 years old) has already asked me to bake more!
Here is my second pat of my video that shows you the outcome! But it also shows you the other amazing product I got to try out! Its called the Sto'N'Go! But just in case you can't watch the video I will tell you a little about it! The Sto'N'Go is a container to carry & store your baked goods! It has three adjustable trays and 11 notches to adjust! And also a carry handle for the top!
Find them online!
Now you can win! 
Ends 12/09 12:59 AM/EST!  Winner will receive one Cupcake Pan! *Disclaimer* I did not receive no form of compensation for this post. I am not responsible for prize shipment.

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